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Cycles of Life

by Estas Tonne

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Original video with subtitles in different languages could be seen here:

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Thanks to the management of Chantevent there was an opportunity to share some moments in the Place of life for the elderly and convalescent in Fresens, Switzerland.

Recorded and Filmed @ Chantevent EMS by Geri Dagys

Audio Mixed & Mastered by Leon SoundPro Studios

Edited by Geri Dagys


Cycles of Life

Just as day and night
Just as sun and moon
Just as one season to another
Comes birth and comes death.

One generation adds to another
Dissolving, making space for youth to take over
And the cycles of life are ongoing and continuing,
Purifying and perfecting a diamond, called human life.

Let us remember that
In spite of a fact that our elders might look old,
There is a child; there is a youth who shares space with an adult
There is a spirit that dwells
In all of all of us...

Maybe, this woman and this man
Couldn’t know how to deal with life,
How to care for the self and others
How to make decisions,
While doing their best to be...
Just like all of us are....

And one day, while looking into a mirror
You would be surprised of how many life experiences
Are imprinted on your face.
Life includes it all
There is a time to work
And there is a time to chill out…
As well as becoming a father, a mother, an aunt, an uncle...
A grandfather…or a grandmother…

There is a time to say hello to this world
And there is a time to say goodbye...
Because what comes next, if anything,
Is covered with a veil of mystery...

Our elders still can contribute, if we let them.
They might don't know how to operate our gadgets,
Yet they have gained wisdom, which is essential to be shared.
If only...

Shall we dare to listen…
To allow…
To be…
To share…
To have a moment…
To make space...
To be simple...
And when it's time...
To comfort a transition...

There are times to say hello...
There are times to say goodbyes...
And there is always time to be grateful...
For the cycles of life...


Our elders, no matter what country, skin color or language spoken belong to all of the humanity.
We all are trying to remember how to live, yet it's also essential to remember how to die or better to say:
To make a transition from one playground to another...


released July 3, 2017
Recorded, mixed and mastered by SoundProStudios
Filmed & edited by Geri Dagys



all rights reserved


Estas Tonne Germany

As a modern-day Troubadour Estas Tonne travels countless places and finds himself in several cultural references without identifying himself with a single nation or country, rather with the cultural richness of the world. His music is therefore a reflection of a classical structure, technique of Flamenco, roots of Gypsy, characteristics of Latin and Electronic Soundscapes. ... more

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